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Install the Database


L2J CLI is a tool that allows us to implement automated deployments and initial configurations.

mkdir -p /opt/l2j/cli
cd /opt/l2j/cli
wget -O /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /opt/l2j/cli
chmod 755

Configure the CLI

Inside the folder config edit both files and and configure DatabaseUser and DatabasePassword accordingly to the user and password that has been configured for the database.

Execute the CLI

Run and run the following commands:

db install -sql /opt/l2j/server/login/sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t LOGIN -c -mods
db install -sql /opt/l2j/server/game/sql -u l2j -p l2jserver2019 -m FULL -t GAME -c -mods

The parameters are:

-sql pathPath to SQL files
-u userDatabase user
-p passwordDatabase password
-m modeInstallation mode FULL or UPDATE
-t typeServer type LOGIN or GAME
-cInstall custom tables
-modsInstall mods tables

Create Administrator Account

Use the L2J CLI to create an administrator account, 8 is the maximum account level (master):

account create -u Zoey76 -p -a 8