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WTF? :) Why did CyanogenMod die? What is LineageOS?

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:01 pm
by regenx
Why did CyanogenMod die? What is LineageOS? All the important details

"The Cyanogen company did not shut down, nor did the operating system CyanogenMod – it’ll just change names. CyanogenMod OS will rebrand as LineageOS and will be separate from Cyanogen Inc., the company, which will operate separate from the open source OS. Those with CyanogenMod installed on phones or tablets right now should consider installing a more basic version of Android now, as no new support for the operating system will be offered."

How many Lineage ? :)) Everyone can use Lineage today. ..

LoL they will get a lot of free advertising now from Lineage as a keyword :) :+1: