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[L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:33 am
by ThePhoenixBird
:: Introduction ::
"L2J Gracia Epilogue" has been released. All the L2J DEVs working hard on it during a month and a bit more. This new release include several new features (included some features missing from older chronicles), bug fixes, code improvements, more stability, and some more things...

"L2J Gracia Epilogue" is ready to be used on live servers. The project has been tested some weeks before release it (on live servers of some of our devs) and is stable.

Remember that L2J is always in constant development, so please check our forum/trac/timeline every day to see how our project is progressing.

:: Changelog ::
- fix for spawn_index and npc_index (fix html too long)
- skill enchant element power fix according to client description
- l2j configurator fixes (thx BlinK_)
- party duel teleport fix, thx Gnacik
- bottle of soul fix
- fix for removing exp in addExp method when player has max level
- typos, format and coding fixes

- admin auto announce menu (list, add, remove)
- server log files not limited by size, but rotating on restart with count 20 (see log.cfg)
- show npc crest support in castle table
- build.xml change not to include specific files, but only exclude specific files on copy/sync
- shift action layout rework
- admin edit npc rework (fix add/change/del drop, fix shop list, fix droplist, add paging, skill list)
- admin get buffs on l2character, not only l2pcinstance + rework (remaining time, paging)
- ItemContainer Npe fix.
- MPCC npe fix.
- fix for AutoAnnounceTaskManager.
- Fix for client stuck on relog.
- DP - build.xml - twice faster build
- Fix for client stuck on CloseNow().
- Load sieges on server start.
- NPCBuffer PageHolder for each player.
- Fix for toggle skill enabled while enchanting, learning.
- TakeCastle,TakeFort remove doubled functions
- Engrave rework
- Config - Default Gm can relog in fight
- SummonFriend check conditions before cast
- L2MotherTree zone rework.
- Merge logout process.
- Cursed Weapon disables clan & alliance.
- DP - Fix for admin cw_add.
- Exploit fix - ClanHall, Castle, Fort regen Hp, Mp apply only if player is in his own.
- Summon MoveTo/Stop/ChangeMode Fix.
- Exploit fix - fix with time limited items (unlimited use while item is in WH).
- Fix for cloaks, they are accessory.

- Gracia plus skill enchant system.
- New abnormal for fear skill.
- Core support for new quest movies packet.
- Blessing of Protection core support.
- Character birthday support.
- Admin command handler for vitality.
- 234_FateWhisper new path in quest.
- L2Controll tower doDie support
- L2Artefact register to castle
- Clan reputation points rework.
- Config - Custom drop rate for defined itemId (merged with adena drop).
- Configurable L2NoLandingZone time for dismount.
- Config - Grandboss config file.
- Config - Chat filter support.
- Support for getZone by zone class type.
- FriendList rework.
- BlockList rework.
- Enchanted weapon support for npc (visual).
- L2PoisonZone update. Support for more skills.
- Support for bypass without "-h" (not in quest html). "-h" in bypass means close chat window.
- FlameTower Core support.
- Login autoban for invalid user attempts.
- L2WyvernManager config for riding during siege.
- Support for Xmass tree despawn.
- DP - admin_give_item_target - gives item to gms target.
- DP - EditChar show player AI.
- Config - load char names on startup.
- Config - Raid loot privilege
- XML: Vesper Stockings missing mpbonus thx JavierDC.
- XML: some more missing cloak slot in some Dynasty Armors.
- XML: pledgeClass fixes for some Armors (included Apella Armors pledgeClass fixes by RiZe).
- XML: Excessive Loyalty activationChance 50 is too much, 5 should be more better.
- JAVA: Missing abnormal effect for "Fear" Skills.
- XML: Olympiad Warrior's Jewels updated to GE.
- HTM: updating admin raid teleports.
- SQL: Some raidboss spawns updated to GE.
- XML: Beleth's Ring updated to GE.
- XML: Cloaks Restrictions Updated to GE.
- SQL: Sync "weapon.sql" again due to client update.
- SQL: Sync "etcitem.sql" again due to client update.
- SQL: Sync "armor.sql" again due to client update.
- SQL: Sync "npc.sql" again due to client update (Baby Rudolph included xD).
- XML: Fix for
- TXT: update.
- JAVA: few changes in some reload messages.
- XML: Updating "Anchor" a bit.
- XML: Missing Poison for "Queen Ant" from CT1.
- SQL: Deleted old mobs in "FOS & FOW" (requested by bloodshed) please check if some spawns are deleted incorrectly.
- SQL: Deleted old mobs in "Mithril Mines" (Requested by Bloodshed).
- XML/SQL: Reworked Elves Mother Trees Zones.
- XML/SQL: Several "Water Zones" converted to "Cuboid".
- SQL: Cloaks are now standardized into one category instead of being divided up as heavy armor / light armor / robe.
- XML: Missing noicon in skill Blink.
- XML: Missing initialDelay for some Zones.
- XML: "Ultimate Escape" Missing skill evasion rate by 25% for 20 seconds.

- XML: Hellbound lakes (Water Zones).
- XML/SQL: Additional Water Zones (this will affect to Primeval Isle & Isle of Prayer/Parnassus).
- XML/SQL: Rune Castle (Water Zones) (vertices, min Z & Max Z are estimated)
- TXT: Rune & Schuttgart Towers spawns.
- XML: GE Skill Containers Last Part (included "new containers" from last client update).
- XML/SQL: Swamp of Screams (Pc Debuffs Zones).
- XML/SQL: Swamp of Screams (Monsters Buffs Zones).
- SQL: Some More Auto Updates for armor/weapon tables.
- SQL: "additionalname" column for weapon.sql
- SQL: "additionalname" column for etcitem.sql
- SQL: "additionalname" column for armor.sql
- XML: "Counter Critical" skill.
- XML: Weapon/Armor Grade Penalty Skills.
- XML/SQL: SSQ Main Event (Mp Regen Zones).
- XML/SQL: Starts & Harbors (Peace Zones).
- XML: Added "dismountDelay" for Hellbound NoLandingZone.
- XML/SQL: "No Landing" & "No Summon Friend" Zones for Hellbound.
- XML/SQL: Forge of the Gods/Hall of Flames (Npc HP Regeneration Zones).
- XML/SQL: Rune/Schuttgart Castle "Swamp/Damage Zones" (vertices, min Z & Max Z are estimated).
- HTM: Added two new GM Rooms to admin teleports.
- XML/SQL: Reworked various Arena Zones & GM Rooms.
- TXT: Changed default announcements message by one more friendly.
- XML/SQL: Hellbound Desert Zone (vertices, min Z & Max Z are estimated).
- XML/SQL: Primeval Isle Peace Zone (vertices, min Z & Max Z are estimated).
- XML/SQL: Some Castles (Swamp & Damage Zones).
- XML: "Heat of Desert" Skill.
- XML/SQL: Devil Isle Zones.
- XML/SQL: Valakas Nest (Lava Zones).
- XML/SQL: Blazing Swamp (Burn Damage Zones).
- XML/SQL: Hall of flame Zones.
- XML/SQL: Hot Spring Zones.
- XML: Some skills changes that are no mentioned in patch notes.
- XML/SQL: A skill has been added for the Dark Mystic class at level 14... Children of Shilen: Increases Casting Spd. By 13 and MP recovery bonus by 2%.
- SQL: Mage classes that have learned Major Heal can now level this skill at level 75. It now goes to 11.
- XML: Power of skill has been increased for the following skills... Blade Hurricane, Full Swing, Cleave, Double Attack.
- XML: A chance to score a Critical hit on use has been added to the following skills... Triple Slash, Soul Breaker, Force Blaster, Double Strike, Fatal Strike, Armor Crush, Demonic Blade Dance, Full Swing, Earthquake, Sword Symphony, Burning Chop, Blade of Hurricane, Crush of Doom, Sonic Buster, Hammer Crush, Tribunal, Force Burst, Spoil Crush, Judgment, Double Sonic Slash, Thunder Storm, Sonic Blaster, Force Storm, Burning Fist, Psycho Symphony, Triple Sonic Slash, Shock Blast, Power Crush, Hurricane Assault, Punch of Doom, Sonic Storm, Force of Destruction.
- Updating a few HellBound mobs level to Epilogue.
- Why divide seed price by 10?
- Cleaning and optimizing the code a little bit.
- Fixing 4 hours event weapons.
- Mob Vs. Mob system needs a big rework, but at least for now mob can attack another mob.
- Little rework of Castle/Fort siege zones.
- Fix for Native Set.
- CT2.4 vitality system changes.

- Excessive Royalty skill.
- Cloak slot for Dynasty armours.
- Some changes from the Savint Santa event. This will hurt nothing.
- Some system messages and rework of the XmassTree instance.
- Just three dummy agathion skill.
- Adding equipdelay and staticreuse to item skills where missing.
- Config of the min level for the Gracia Epilogue PvE penalties.
- Epilogue patch note: # The formula used to determine damaged inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly. * The amount of damage inflicted on monsters will be lower if your character is 2 or more levels below that of the level 7 ...
- Adding stats/skills for Territory War related npc-s.
- Merging FortSiegeGuard and SiegeGuard instance.
- NPC stats update with values. Part 1. Also adding some passive skills to NPCs.
- Adding some new items: - Stone skills. Stats are guessed. - 3 new event herbs. - 2 new Vitality potion. Fixing some items(quest item, can not be traded/dropped/etc).
- Sub skills. Wizard Ability - Mana Steal is not done!
- A few new skill enchants. Thx HunAgyas!
- New Antharas AI. Needs fine tuning of the new core AI system. Example now Antharas cant use his fear skill :S.
- Some Seed of Infinity NPCs. Landing zone is missing.
- GS/DP Community Board server support.
- CommunityBoard server
- Support for mobs which can see through Silent Move.
- Raid Chaos Time fix and adding some configuration for it.
- Pin and Pouch unseal support.
- Flying NPC-s stats. Skills are notdone and no drops for them.
- Support for Star Stone gathering skill.
- Crystal Count fix on some Masterwork Weapons (crystalize obtained 10x as much crystals as should be)
- L2Guards set as Undead in SQL fixed
- Red Strider Collision Fix
- Kamael Village Manor Manager Buylist for Harvester
- Admin Color "NCzoft Yellow" (00CCFF)
- Retail SP amount for Children of Shilen
- Codex's Stackable & Sell Price Fix
- Questmob from Mithril Mines to Coal Mines
- XML: Bottle of Soul Consume 5 Souls instead of 6 now

- Gracia Epilogue Monsters/NPC's in npc.sql
- Various Gracia Epilogue NPC's Spawned and added HTML
- Delusion Chamber S80 Armor Multisell Added
- Newbie Buffer buffs upto level 75 now
- Instancename.xml Updated to Epilogue
- Various Admin Panel Updates and Adds to GM shop
- New Transformations: Aqua Elf, Kadomas, Guardian Strider, Native2
- Guardian Strider Pet (using wind strider stats temporary (not overpowered))
- See Through Stealth Monsters:
- Dicor, Validus, Susceptor, Perum, Premo (Mobs before Core room doors), Arcane Scout, Blood Queen, Tyranno's, Pterosaur
- Kamaloka Monster Stats
- Kamaloka Active/Passive Skills
- Mithril Mines Monster Population
- Mithril Mines Monster Drops
- Mithril Mines Monster Active/Passive Skills
- (Temporary Assign Minions through minions.sql)

- New Quests:
- Winds of Change (237)
- Succes / Failure of Business (238)
- Won't You Join Us? (239)
- Reed Field Maintenance (308)
- For A Good Cause (309)
- Take Advantage of the Crisis (312)
- Grave Robber Member Rescue (450)
- Lucien's Altar (451)
:: Comments ::
Why 3.7? check the freaking changelog!

Please remember that this build is a new release of L2J Gracia Epilogue, so please don't try to change protocols in the configs to login with a Gracia Final client or PTS clients!!!!, btw... always remember to make a "BACKUP" of your DB before updating to L2J Gracia Epilogue.

Since this is the first release, "Nightly Builds are still frozen to Gracia Final", and after a month of the public release, the "Nightly Epilogue" will be activated, but... until that time the only way to get L2J Gracia Epilogue release is using the SVN repository and Eclipse to compile it.

:: Eclipse Guides ::
How to get the lastest Server/Datapack with Eclipse?

Thanks to all for prefer us ;)

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:53 am
by ThePhoenixBird
Topic open for polite discussion ONLY


Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:17 am
by qwerty13
Greatest, just greatest! Thank you very much for new release, its nice Christmas gift! I wish to all l2jdevs and users a Marry Christmas! :)

I hope changelog will be finished soon? :lol:

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:36 am
qwerty13 wrote:I hope changelog will be finished soon? :lol:
You are blind xD

Changelog is already done in the first post :P

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:38 am
by momo61
Thank you for this. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:43 am
by qwerty13
This is fully changelog? :lol:

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:33 am
by momo61
qwerty13 wrote:This is fully changelog? :lol:
there are changes things being fixed and implemented as we speak. Those are not in the changelog, but they are in the timeline tracs.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:10 pm
by ThePhoenixBird
That changelog shows the most important changes made, the typos and small issues arent included.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:06 pm
by Vapulabe
You can always see the full changelog using the SVN comments ;-)

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:21 pm
by qwerty13
Thanks guys. :)

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:45 pm
by Sirpaypi
Hello, i don't know if it me or something wrong.
Here L2J is at 3.7 but in Eclipse i see only 3.6 (3696 Exactly) and i see (Revision 3728: /trunk)
:: Download Sources ::

L2j Epilogue Server:
The same for the DP.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:27 am
by qwerty13
I think you need to update your sources in eclipse from trunk. 3696 - its first commit of ge.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:44 am
by Crom
This changes are compaltibles with CT2.3? If it's true I'll want the diffs files to put up the epilogue server how a beta server and aply the changes on the oficial server.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:19 am
Diff files are availables in the "trac/timeline" always.

Re: [L2j] L2j Server 3.7 Epilogue Released!

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:21 pm
by Crom
Could anyone post the link to this diff, - admin get buffs on l2character, not only l2pcinstance + rework (remaining time, paging), i didn't see it on the timeline