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Using the boards with https

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L2j Senior Developer
L2j Senior Developer
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Using the boards with https

Post by HorridoJoho » Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:33 pm

When i open the forum with https and do a login and logout you get redirected, but with http://l2jserver.com/... instead of https://l2jserver.com/...
All other links seem to be ok.

Also i have to add a security exception in firefox to browse the forum with https because it can't validate the certificate.

Also the following header could be used by the server to tell the client to use https:
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=500; [includeSubDomains]

I guess clients not supporting https would just ignore that and continue use http.


Also some resources loaded from other hosts are loaded without https when using https for the forums(firefox warns me only on the main page of the board, i guess it is the red cross thing).

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Re: Using the boards with https

Post by MichalisKrdm » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:39 pm

On a forum I own, I saw an option about it and I chose http:// instead of https://
Also, if you don't want to make everyone add an exception, I think that you need SLL Certificate.

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